modeling agencies.

So there're these modeling agencies on Stardoll now.
I was approached by one, to which I've accepted their offer.
So I'll now be modeling on Stardoll.
If you want to get started as a model on Stardoll, I recommend signing up with Pandora-Models
I don't know any others. But if you ask Drea and Kookie, I'm sure they'll know of some.
If you want to model, go to Pandora-Models page, and it'll explain the rules, needs and expectations.
Good luck!



May I just say, WOWZAH! My new banner, made by Drea, which I love, is amazing!!
Cheers Drea!

DOLLSDOLLSDOLLS. no I do not play with them, i dress them up.

Guys! I'm sooo sorry. I've not been posting, my computer's broken, and there's just a rush of things happening with school and such.

Right, I know I'm easily confused, but Stardoll've really caught me here.
So we're mourning Michael Jackson (peace be upon him).
And Stardoll had that doll when he first died on the homepage..
And we all know MJ (peace be upon him) had those AMAZING outfits.

I also think Stardoll should get a La Roux doll,
as well as Florence Welch, of Florence And The Machine. I don't know whether she's quite so big in America as she is in England, but yes.
And Little Boots.


We are re-modeling the blog, it's going to be ugly for a little while so bare with us, thanks! :]


Okay so I'm back. I haven't been writing posts lately because I couldn't remember my password to this blog thing, shoot me. So yeah I get on stardoll, I see the word "FREE" and I click! I ended up getting some ugly troll thing that is supposibly suppose to be an alien. Great way to promo a movie, hand out free ugly things, but yeah whateva. I just used the monster as a ACTION FIGURE for my suite, I'll probably collect them. First person to find it in my room gets a gift.. Maybe, if I feel like it. LMAO! Checked out the Noisepop Magazine, pretty awesome if you haven't checked it out yet dont be a loser go check it out click up there somewhere. WOOOO ALIENS?! And potatoes? Gay movie.. Yep, that's it. Hopefully I'll remember my password from now on... Peace

So Many Changes!

There have been so many changes to stardoll as of yesterday. Such as...
Friends List
(Click to Enlarge)
Your friends list now has much more space.

About Me/ Last Visitors
(Click to Enlarge)
Your last seen and your last visitors section is much more accurate in time.

Find Friend
(Click to Enlarge)

Your find friends section now shows you random stardollonians. And you can select if you are looking for a guy or girl and country.

There are 2 different views. The 1st view (left) shows a smaller picture of the medolls face. And the 2nd view shows a bigger view of the medolls face.

(Click to Enlarge)

You can now choose a club by category and language. And it shows you active clubs, which i really dont understand. And other than that nothing new but they rearranged how everything looks which is much nicer.

TO: The lovely blog writters!

I just wanted to point out when there is new hair at stardoll everyone is so fast to get them! Stardoll really impressed me with making more hair! Because if you ask me everyone was starting to look alike! But now we look alike again until everyone is over it! hair on stardoll is like one big test for everyone! you like it when it first comes out then you notice everyone is wearing it, and you probley wear for about 2-5 weeks then go right back to your first love, which is what you had before! for the blog writters of noisepopblog I think you all look great and you are all doing a good job with your posts!
(click to enlarge)

Elle new collection

Now that It's finally here...After hearing so much about this new line....I decided to point out my views about the new collection in Elle!

To keep this short and sweet I definatly need every thing in this elle collection because I have been trying to brighten up my wardrobe for The longest! and lets face it everything in this store is to die for. So if you got the stardollars that adds up to the new collection in Elle you should go hit up the whole store because, its AWESOME!!



Today stardoll shows an exclusive look at the movie "Bandslam," and even giving us both, aly michalka and vanessa hugens doll right along with aly's guitar that she plays in the movie! I was really about to buy a guitar for my suite but I'm SO glad I waited! I'm Very happy to get an electric guitar! Anyways the movies about how a new kid on the block puts together a rock bad as they live their dream they compete in the biggest event of the year called "Battle of the bands." the movie came out about 2 days ago august 14th I think?! And I think this movie is one I might watch! :D


Okay Noisepop Lover, We've got new hair in our little doll makeup place, or whatever its called. WE GOT NEW HAIR! Stardoll must have been reading our blog or something because we asked for new hair more often than every year and look, two weeks later we have more hair. YAY! So here's my opinions of these new do's.

Pageant Hair/
Christina M

okay so I call this look the pageant hair, because I could figure out what celeb hair this belongs to. So this hair is quite adorable, and I love when stardoll actually makes the hair fit on your stardoll's head.. and this one does just that.. and its just a very cute hair-do its flawless.

I call this one the Alice Cullen because it just reminded me of her, well this hair is cute simple short, kind of pixie-like. Im not against it.. its wearable, but I wont be wearing it I have a favorite I gots my eyes on. But DONT GET ME WRONG! This little hair is cute!

Amy Winehouse

okay so this hair of a nest belongs to amy whine house, I busted out laughing when I seen this because its just funny, we are going to be having alot of amy whinehouses on stardoll this month. It actually looks like her dirty nasty hair too, but its cute I'd wear it to a stardoll party just for kicks.

Lauren Conrad/
Nicole Richie

I call this one the Lauren Conrad becuase it looks like her hair. and I love this hair, its simple long, the ends aren't all choppy like the last long hair we got, it looks real like what I'd get my hair done like. So I like this one alot! Its way cute and normally I don't do long hair on stardoll for my medoll but I've made an exception for this one.

Rob Pat 1

So this is the first Rob Pat Hair that we got, its way cutter for boys than girls. I love the manish side burns on it.. its so cute, (ON SOME GUYS!) Dont think I'm some sideburn loving girl, because I'm not, only on occasion. But this messy hair is hot, and I'm glad the boys are getting new looks other than the braids and funky afro's and nerd hair. I think some of the boys will be happy.

Agyness Deyn

So this is the agyness.. I like it, its probably got a lot of gel in it, it be cute if stardoll made fake hair gel for the guys to go with hair do's like this.. But yeah I like this one alot.

So those are my opinions on the new hairs we have, they are great, and I appreciate stardoll for giving us more new hair, they all look great.

Elle 2009

Look at the new fabulous goodies Stardoll is giving us courtesy of ELLE.
I love all of it, looks like I'm going to have to break out some cash for a prepaid card again!
It'll be worth it I hope though!


Happy Bastille Day!

Hey guys! I'm back me and kookie have been working on the magazine the reason why we haven't post but I've found time this morning to post. OH! Welcome back Dimitri, nice to know you had a great trip. So there have been lack of entertainment on stardoll lately, there's been nothing new, nothing reported worthy, except I attended a stardoll party yesturday which I haven't gone to a virtual party in over a year! But anywho I've decided to post about the france bastille thing.. I didn't know what BASTILLE was. So I decided to research it and tell what it is to those of you who don't know what it is..

Bastille Day is a french national holiday which is celebrated on July 14 every year (today) it has something to do with the french revolution if you've studied that you know what its about. Basically its pretty much the celebration of Frances independence and pride.

So stardoll decided to put up "french" clothing in the starplaza and they are hidious, if I was french I'd be upset that I would have got such boring hidious clothes, but oh well, its done.. So there you have it Bastille the french national holliday.


Am Back Bitchesss!

Am back bitchess! I had an amazing time in atlanta, georgia, except for the 2 hour flight!
  • Well as you can tell i got a new banner, which was made by (freakcakes). I love how all the colors match my outfit and my sunglasses.
  • Also as i was looking through blogs i noticed there are alot of parties coming up which i will probably be attending, but i always say that and never go so hopefully i make it this time.
  • Also there are Bastille Day outfits... which are hedious.
  • Also Perez Hilton has become one of the newest dolls... which is also hedious, no wonder he is a free doll.
  • The new Harry Potter movie is coming out this wedensday... which i will definitely be seeing!
Well thats it for now!
What do you guys think of everything?

Off To...

Hey Everyone Am Going to Georgia,
So I Won't Be Posting This Weekend
Hope You Have A Fun Weekend

CoverGirl Stash

New cover girl of July 7th, 2009, XELA2, whose been a member of stardoll since 2006! Has over 15 pages of accessories. In her medoll accessorie box (Most being vintage stardoll accessories). And not to mention a rock'n short hair cut. I Loved almost every thing I seen in her accessorie box and thats why I, Alexandra, decided to post what I LOVED in her Stash. (Reading her Presentation, her names Alexandra too! :])

She has way more accessories than this!
I was a little disapointed that i could not fit all of them on here! and it's a little sloppy, SORRY.

She has great accessories in her suite as well!

Micheal Jackson Memorial sevice/ MJ Contest!

Today was the day of Micheal Jacksons Memorial Service,
and was played on almost on every single channel,
which was very touching.
I don't really cry alot but, at the end when the his daughter, Paris, made a short speech.
it made me cry?!

How ever, if you haven't been to the club latley, The "Micheal Jackson Contest" has been held.
(Click To ENLARGE)

It's time for the first ever noisepop contest!
Dress up in your favorite Michael Jackson outfit,
and sign under the discussion "Contest Time" that you dressed up..
From there we will post your look on the blog and you
should get as many people to vote for your outfit as you can..
Winner gets to be under the Noisepop Spot light, you'll
get a spot in the up coming magazine issue too..

Hurry times ticking!
Comp. entrys end Friday July 10, 2009.
After July 10 you are not able to participate in the comp.

Question? Message Kookie-Monster or Me.
Good luck!


Hey everyone! Stardoll had been so boring lately. I have no clue what to post which is why I have not posted lately so I will just be talking about random things that happened lately, kind of like what Geoff posted except not the same news.
  • Alot of people have been leaving stardoll lately and there reasons for that is because it is summer and they have a life
  • The covergirl is finally pretty. Her name is martusss.
  • The new Miley Cyrus doll is hedious!... just like her, so i guess it fits.
  • Hilary Duff is going to be on the next season of Gossip Girl! Hurray!(:
  • The New Season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is airing on July 30th.
  • Kevin Jonas is getting married at 21!
So what do you guys think of this news


Hey guys, So Sorry that I haven't been posting I've just been enjoying my summer like a normal teenager. Happy 4th of July! So here's what's up on stardoll!

1. We've got a new starpoint game which you have to be very geographically smart at.. I'm not so I wont be playing it.. But if your good with geography I recommend it, if your not you should play anyways you might learn something ;]
2. It's the forth of July so party it up! Pop fire crackers, and all that fun stuff.. or go buy some Stardoll forth of July clothes whatever floats your boat.
3. Stardoll keeps popping out these disney clubs that we're suppose to join?! GAY!
4. Stardoll got a Michael Jackson Club, thats so epic.. R.I.P MJ.
5. Latest stardolls Miley Cyrus, and her brother Trace from Metro Station..

So that's all of the stuff I noticed on stardoll since I haven't been on in like a week or two.. If you have any JUICY GOSSIP send it to me.. I'd love to read it, maybe post it ;]

S0m3thinG Funny

This is so funny and cute!

I know that everyone should be over this, but I am one of the few people who are still angry that Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol. Who cares if we have a gay American Idol? But KRIS ALLEN WON!!! What's up with that? Sometimes I hate the whole voting system. ESPECIALLY NOW!!!!!!!


Hello, When Kookie and I get back from our vaction we will be finishing up on the magazine.. Hope you guys look forward to it! :]

Xoxo, Drea