I'm sorry I'm not posting on my day.
I just had to get this before someone else. :)

I love certain clothes, like:
The PPQ dress, Peaches wore to the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight's premiere.
And the ASOS Black & White Colour Block Dress, Peaches wore to yet another premiere, I think it was The Rolling Stones: Shine A Light film.
Hopefully they'll make these into clothes for the Starplaza.



OK, I'm officially boring.
I never post for you guys anymore! I'm so sorry! 
Or maybe it's Stardoll fault. For being too boring.
Yeah, OK. We'll blame it on Stardoll!

Anyway, Vivienne Tam.
I personally loove all the stuff by Vivienne Tam. It's so elegant and pretty.
But this one's a bit boring for my liking.
I really want some different designers in the Starplaza!
It's all very kept, and predictable.
How about Vivienne Westwood stuff, she's so exciting!
I'm sure people would agree.

NEW Shop!

Today a new shop called "Basics" came out in the starplaza, filled with nonsuperstar, and varity colored clothes to choose from. But this store may not be here forever or might go from nonsuperstar to superstar, so save up to collect this colorful new clothing line.
(click the picture to enlarge)

-xox Kookie

King Of Pop!

Michael Jackson also known as "The King Of Pop" has recently diciest. His iconic style, sound, performance, his dancing is what all artist of today
imitate. Michael Jackson was an inspiration for all, we appreciate his
presents on earth while he was here. His early death has shocked
trillions, but he wont be forgotten. His legacy will live
on forever in our hearts.
Everyone will remember him..
1958 - 2009

Noisepop June/July Issue Sneak Peek!

Here's the sneak peek at the June/July issue of Noisepop..

Yeah you can try to figure out what it is..
But we aren't tellin!
Noisepop June/July Issue coming SOON!

NoisePop On Stardoll

Check out NoisePop updates on Stardoll! Join the club!

Nintendo DS

Okay so I was crusing Stardoll today, like I always do and I came across this on the front page..

This is like awesome! Like you have a chance to win a Nintendo DS! Or you can win the game if you already have the DS.. but yeah it was awesome to see for me. All you have to do is design a clothing line I think that's how it work, submit it and wall-la your entered in the contest. I'd like to have a Nintendo DS, but I'm not really a video game type of person, I only play like every once and a while and then I'm bored with it, but yeah whatever.. Check it out you might can win! So here's how you get to the place where you submit your entry or whatever..

1. Go to the start page and to the right under stardoll news click the ling that says "on the Nintendo DS"
2. Once you get to that page click the bold purple link that says "Click here"
3. After that answer the question on the poll
4. Fill in the info and wall-la your entered..

They give you more details after you submit your entry form.. Good luck! PEACEE..

XOXO, Drea

Oh water?

Now I know you probably won't care about my problems, or maybe you have the same problem, idk, but
where in the heck is my water???

after searching and searching for my water I realized that my water was underneath my medoll, and is impossible to get unless I had two mouses, which I don't. Every time you save your medoll, if your water is placed on your medoll, your water gets lower and lower. The theory is... the more you save your stardoll suite the more your water gets lower.

okay now I sound like a science geek EWW!

((see your water by dragging your medoll up by the feet!))

How ever If you go to the shop you can get a hotbuys skirt that is NOT superstar for 12 stardollars, which really surprised me. I hope it's not too good to be true and, I really hope stardoll has more opportunities like this.

July Hot Buys!

Hey Biotches! Well as most of you already know the new July Hot Buys have come out. Even thought there are no guy clothes once again I still would like to talk about which stuff here are my favorites. I really like the Hot Buys Jumpsuit, and the Hot Buys Sun Hat and the Hot Buys Record Necklace is very rad and i will be buying the necklace. And also the old Louis Vuitton Bag for guys has come back on sale for 4 sd which is pretty cheap.
So what do you guys think of the July Hot Buys, and the Louis Bag going back on sale?
And i really would like someone to make me a new banner i love this one but it is not the same hair as the one i have now.

New Hair!

Well everyone knows that it is very rare to get new hair on stardoll. And if we do get new hair it's because we gained more starpoints.Any how, the new do's on stardoll came out yesturday, making everyone look like stylish clones. I, my self is wearing a new hair do too ,and is loving every moment of it!You can check them out right here, as I state what I think about them.

This elvis hair do really brings out the punk in any and everybody. I think it looks good on boys and girls.

Micro braids:
these micro braids bring out the diva in everyone. I think it has more of a hip hop taste to it. I also would like to mention that this hair do does not fit anyones head correctly.

Go short:
This short do is classy and chic. Very lovely.

Go long:
I think this hair makes your doll look inocent. this hair can go with any style your trying to pull off.

Umm.I don't think I have seen this hair on anyone yet, and I think that is a good thing because this hair is off of my list.Only wear this hair if you think your medoll can pull it off! Which I find very hard to believe.

You can only get this hair if you have the starpoints for it. It's been replaced from a curly crazy wild hair do to a wavy cool wild hair do. I think this hair brings out the wild in everyone.

New Stuff!

So here's everything new in the starbazar some of it I like, some I don't.. Just my opinions..

All of those shoe's are atrochious! I think the shutter shades are long over due, who even wears shutter shades anymore?! But I think the boys will enjoy these shades. I'll probably get the pink one's just to have, or if I decide to go to a themed party and I'm being KANYE WEST!?

Swim suites that are circled are the bomb dot com! I lovers them.. Too bad I'm not superstar anymore.. But I have like 3 swim suites for my medoll already so yeah..

Everything that's crossed out is just OLD, I'm tired of stardoll giving us OLD STUFF, it's freakin 2009 we want new! And the last cute thing on this page was that swim suite. So those were my opinions..

Xoxo, Drea

Taylor Swift

Okay so I was doing my daily internet rounds before I got off the computer and I found this video of Taylor Swift rapping with T-Pain, at first I was like wtf is this?! But then I remembered she's hosting the CMT Music Awards.. So I began hysterically laughing as I watched this video! Look..

Free dress

In the picture on the side you will see a Hannah montana dress. How do you get this free Hannah Montana dress you may ask?

1) go to this website

2) type "stardoll.com/en/cinema" int the browser and click the surf button

3) Log on to your account

4) then go to to "My Page"

5) Love it!

Flooded suite and new banner?

Many suites that I have been to have been filled to the top with water, and I thought it was amazing. So today I did the same thing and flooded my Suite.

How awesome is this? X]
Click the picture to get your FREE flooded suite.

I also just wanted to say thanks to the people who have been making my banner, the first one was made by Kookie, and the one I'm using now is made by Rachel, thank you so much!

I felt the need to get a new banner because, I finaly got my doll how I want her to look. :]

July 1st!

Hey everyone, July 1st is almost here and that means people are going to "rebel" against stardoll. Some people are going to not log in to stardoll due to how expensive it is and crap like that. But i really think that is nonsense because millions of people don't log on everyday, anyways. If there was a guarantee that this would change stardoll maybe i would do it but i will definitely not be doing this.

What do you guys think?

And can anyone make me a new banner. I love this one but i think it is to small and if i make it any bigger it will not be clear.

N3W K!DD 0N D4 BL0CK?!

Okay So, my name is Geoff & I guess I'm the newest addition to the Noisepop Blog team ((assuming)) I don't really have anything to write about, I haven't been on Stardoll that long so It'll take me a few weeks to get some good stuff going, but I think I'm going to be sticking with interviewing Stardoll members, getting the dirt on stuff and stuff.. Yep I hear Noisepop is going to have a party soon..
((But you DIDN'T hear that
from ME!!! SHHHH!))


So, I've been noticing lately on stardoll and in the celeb cult that there is a major trend report going around.. I call it the PUFF SLEEVE EPIDEMIC! In my opinion I love it, and have tried it out myself, so here's your Trend Report from Drea..

The Disney Club

Join "The Disney Club".If you join this club today you can get free stardollars for when the club reaches 25,000 members. When the club continues to grow,the more gifts you will get. Also if you join the competition by creating the BEST scenery, you can win a lovely Gucci bag. The only thing I don't understand is, why is this a Disney club when the "Confessions of a shopaholic" is NOT a Disney movie?

Win this!

see ya next Tuesday!

Sims3/Black wardrobe

My wardrobe lately has been black. I feel SO addicted to black and don't know why! what do you think of my black wardrobe?

[click the picture]

How ever, my favorite game in the whole wide world came out on the second of June for the U.S. Of A. the game is really FUN. I don't think I could ever get tired of it! except my computer is SO slow when it comes to sims3, that the game doesn't run good on it. I'm mad! I think I need more ram or something, who knows. But if you have all the requirements you should totally go buy it.

Peaches' new do.

I've been really stuck on what to post lately.
So selfish me hasn't been posting, sorry guys.

So I've just seen Peaches Geldof's new hair cut.
She now thinks she looks like Madonna.

I personally like it, but that's probably because I have short hair, and I've been reassured by her that we don't need long hair to be girly.
But what do we all think?

You know, stuff!

Ehh what can I say today on the blog. What to say, what to say.. I don't really have anything to say.. So here's a makeup tutorial for your stardoll inspired by this song: Lips like sugar by Flo Rida. Here's the song, enjoy it lovers.

I am Alexandra and I am new to stardoll and the blog. So its going to be hard for me to find thing's to write about since I don't know how stardoll operates. :[

But Instead, I just thought I would talk about Celebs, as in the celebs off of "THE HILLS". I hate the fact that Heidi And Spencer Pratt aka "Spidie" got married on the last episode. From my point of view Spencer was rude, and took Heidi's friends away from her, and then it looked as if both, him and Hiedi, wanted more fame then the other cast members. I most definitely wouldn't be suprised if they came out with a new reality show, or if didn't, they would quickly get a divorce. I kind of think "Spidie" stole the show away from Lauren Conrad, after all, it is her show.