Wow, I just really wanted to say this. But does stardoll know there are guys on here to, like at all. They never come out with new clothes for guys always for girls. Am fine with there being new clothes for girls but they should have new clothes for guys sometimes. The last time they had new clothes for guys was like in 1725 or some crap. Man stardoll will you please make some clothes for guys and fast.

Opinions and Thoughts?

Is She Really Back?

Is she really back? PerezStarGossip's stardoll page had been returned. Hopefully she will come back to her blog, not that DanPuffs, Isabella.Arci and Rhiann are doing a bad job.


This suite, created by Evelina_, is absoulutly stunning! Every time I look at this room it gives me a Tokyo/India/relaxing-garden vibe! I give this room a 5/5. This is truley "Ah-mazing".

New Real Brand?

There might be a new real brand coming to Stardoll. This was on Stardoll.Tom which is the Chinese Stardoll. I think it is very cool but the prices are very expensive. So we will have to wait to see if it will come out here on regular Stardoll, or if it is coming out at all here.

So what do you think of these bags? Which bag is your favorite?


Sometimes I just don't know why people of stardoll give away the most pressious, valuble things on stardoll. Such as, the items I found above! (knitted dress, strapped platform shoes, cluster necklace, dress inspired by balmain, frozen moonboots, crazy print shirt, and V-neck layered hem dress) If i were superstar right now I'd Die for these items! Seriously im proud that you have the guts to give them away, That is for those who price their items at low prices! Those who make their items high in price, I figure, that they really don't want to give thier clothes/funiture away they frankly just want to make stardollars fast! aka Fast Cash! This is the beauty of stardoll. People who generously give their items away, because they wore it too many times or are just tired of seeing it in their closet!
Believe it or not I have tones of clothes i wish to give away!!

The Wolf Mask: I totally agree with this person. To sell this item as fast as possible. Who wants to see a creepy wolf in your suite every day?! (scary!)

Fake Limited Edition: Before stardoll magically changed the broadcasting session, you could write what ever you pleased! People usally wrote "selling dkny" and when you got to their bazaar you seen a dkny item made strait out of the styling studio. Who ever made this dress made me think of old classic stardoll!

Singingmermaid: Some people are just really talented at designing and want to show the whole stardoll community their talent and then sell them to people who consider them pretty and full of art. Just like this singingmermaid designs!

'Sid's Bass Guitar'..

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
Some of Johnny Rotten's last words in one of my favourite bands, the Sex Pistols.
Well as I was scrolling through the MiniShop yesterday, and those very words appeared in my head. I saw the white bass guitar from the Punk series on Stardoll, entitled 'Sid's Bass Guitar'. 
Now for those of you who don't know who Sid Vicious was, he was bassist for the Sex Pistols. But was also the reason for the band's ending, and died of a drug overdose after being charged with the stabbing of his girlfriend.
Now, I guess to you that doesn't seem very good to you, but to me, Sid was amazing. I love Sid.
I won't bore you with my reasoning, but going back to the very beginning. 
I'm sure that no Punk legend would want their name on a children's dress up website. And what's worse is that Stardoll have brought a dead drug addict to the website, something that is supposed to be 'nice for little girls'.
And I'm sure even Johnny Rotten wouldn't be impressed.

Oh yes, by the way. I'm now called Polly, according to like, everyone I know. So if you also would like to call me Polly, go for it.

R.I.P Sid Vicious.

Its all about that chedda!$#

Okay so first of all I just want to say Hi Everybody, and thanks for coming back to the blog. So todays topic Stardoll the money hungry nation? On stardoll your either spending a lot of money for clothes, prepaid cards, interior items, ect.. but how much does that really total up to in the end? Some people cruse around stardoll with thousands of dollars in their stardoll purse, and yet some members stick to their dollar a day saving up like pesents; is this really fair? I guess fair doesn't matter when your getting paid. Stardoll has also given us the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, selling clothes, furniture and what not and we have a lot of talented members. In one issue of Noisepop we featured blackmamabayeah in our fashion post. My point is money is money how ever you make it. I just wish someone would discover another cheat like back in the good old stardoll days. I'm ready to get paid!

LookDizzy has some really cool designs when his shop is in stock, he's a creative one. I'll try to keep finding amazing designers so that you guys can get your real moneys worth, or if you aren't so inspired you can get inspired by something they've designed and do a d.i.y of your own.


I would just like to tell everyone the perosn who made my banner was PunkyFish2007. She does it really fast i asked her to make me a banner 2 days ago but i was explaining to her how i would like it but it really only took her like less than 30 minutes. Because after i explained how i want everything she told me it was done in less than 30 minutes so if you need a banner done go to PunkyFish2007.

A-List Awards

Hello everyone I am Dimitri aka Haitianrichboy9. Anyways I want to talk about Stardoll news and gossip and thing of that sort. I want to talk about the A-List Awards. These awards have caused alot of maddness because they think it is stupid to seperate people from A-List and B-List and if your not on it at all. I personally dont have a problem with this but i guess some people do. Here is the poster for the Awards that is Coming Soon.

And i just noticed and remmbered that Bravo TV has an award show to called the A-List Awards... xD just wanted to say that.
Any opinions?

No way!

Hello I'm so happy the blog is ready.
I want to write about something but I'm too tired.
btw I'm Kookie.

I really, really, really care about the planet..

Or I'm just really, really, really lazy. As I think about 'Earth Hour', even though it was ages ago. I still celebrate it everyday. The bulb on the light in my bedroom blew out about a month ago, and I still haven't bothered to change it. So I sit here now writing to you, the readers of Noisepop, in darkness, the only light from the screen of my MacBook. I should probably sort it out now.  By the way, I'm Josie. Get it right.

Purple Mondays? Its Saturday fool!

Hey, Drea here! I know I suck at blogging and sound like a big nerd, but I promise I will get better! Anyways Kookie and I have picked our writers for the blog, and they are amazing! We have the lovely Indie__Chick she's our cute little indie chick. We have the glamorously glamorous rocker lady LisaLinguini aka Lisa, And last but not least the only guy writing for this blog, HaitianRichBoy9 aka Dimitri, oh and Myself as well as Kookie. This is going to be great keep coming back to the blog to find out what we've been up to, whats happening on stardoll, fashion, celebs, Drama, And kookie's random quote of the day! Plus we'll make up some games and stuff you guys can play while your here. Leave us a comment in our chat box to the right if you'd like.. Peace Jerky!