March Hotbuy's.

These are the new hotbuy's for march. Nothing really standing out this month, but let's look at when they are all released...

Abbey Dawn Top - 15th February
Hotbuys Dress - 2nd March
Hotbuys Necklace - 4th March
Hotbuys Ruffle Top - 10th March
Hotbuys Blouse - 13th March
Hotbuys Tights - 15th March
Hotbuys Pink Sequin Dress - 18th March
Hotbuys Chain - 23rd March
Hotbuys Vest - 29th March
Hotbuys Shoes - 31st March

so there are the dates for each of them.
Im confused why they put the Abbey dawn top in there- it was out in february?
They did that a couple of month's back with a Candies bag.
Maybe it's because they haven't got a new item to put in, so there like
"ohh, we can just stuff in a old thing!"

Yeah, my favourite item's are the shoe's, dress , necklace & the tight's.
I like the blue fluffy boa like thing, but i don't think i will buy it because i have no fashion sense to make any wonderfull outfit with it.

So, what's you're thoughts on the march hotbuy's?
Any problems, or personal favourite's? share them in the comments :D
I like to read you're view.

Marc Jacobs dress

Hi, again. So I didn't realize this dress on stardoll until I remembered seeing it on Lady Gaga. I thought it was pretty cool to see Marc Jacobs dress on both, Gaga and stardoll, so I made this quick post. I must say stardoll did a very good job creating this dress because, it resembles Marc Jacobs dress very well.

I may be making a much longer post later on today, so be looking out! :]

Really?! =/

Are we really selling Futurama action figures on stardoll?! This is ridiculous, although I use to watch this show when I was bored, but still on STARDOLL?!

R.I.P 2 Blogging?


Rofl @ the last post. I agree 110 % percent. & I love the Banner, cause it quotes my baby Weezy. Sheesh, sidetracked. Back to what you're here for.

K, so. Blogging, in my opinion, is done, kaput, fineto, get it? Your probably thinking, "stfu". Eh no. It totally is. There's barerly any blogs left that post everyday like they used to. Take PerezStarGossip for example, they were pretty much the first it blog. Now they are . . bleh. Some of the posts are boring, nobody cares. Everyone, posts about the same thing. Just with Different words.

I.E: Blog#1 - The Exhausted dog jumps over the big rock.

Blog#2 - The tired dog leaps over the large rock

Mmm. Wheres the variety? . . The only thing that is probably good about blogs are the graphics. Don't get me wrong, there are nice blogs around still *Cough* Noisepop. I'm not saying it cant make a come back, but unless they're going to Pull a Britney Spears out, I'm sticking to my word.

Yep, thas all.


Fierce Spoiler

Yes... The Fierce Spoiler has came out! Whats do you think of it? I don't really get it....?(Are we supposed to??) It looks cool and I think what ever is delivered will look and be great!


So obviously I've missed this on stardoll ..

This dude is fqking stupid. . All I did was laugh when I seen this, seriously, what even made him do this. And then I seen the comments this dude had, and people are kissing his azs, FOR WHAT, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY ! Because he seem's like a loser, sorry I had to put it that way but, If some lame azs stardoll member called me a girl, I honestly wouldn't give a shit because, one I'm not, and two I don't care about stardoll, like it's not even important, I mean you guys see how often I get on, once in a blue moon. . I don't even check my messages. . This is how much of a life I have, no offense to people who get on stardoll everyday. . but this to me seemed lame and I wouldn't have waisted my time trying to satisfy someone else's pleasure you know what I mean.. This shit was funny as hell though!!


So, it's been a while.. Been a while since I wrote, && since I've been on stardoll. I don't really have anything to say.. So I'll just tell you where I've been for this long period of time.. I actually haven't been anywhere, I just don't get on stardoll.. So yeah .. My days consist of skating, school, and chilling with my friends. New banner compliments to Drea. . Zangg I'm sexy. . J/k . .
But yeah, I might post something awesome some other time, just checking in on you noisepop freaks . .

aka Lil Sexy
aka Geoff-n-Space @ stardoll
aka twitter
aka facebook
aka fqk myspace
aka L O V E - Michael Jackson
aka #BecauseofNickiMinaj (type that in on twitter, had me laughing so much yesturday)
aka bye!

Another Limited Edition Offer

Mmhmm, theres another bribe to get non superstars to become superstars! The dress cost 150sd and there isn't much to say about it

Do you like it?

Do you have it?

new banner + HEIDI KLUM jewelry


I made a new banner @ 2:00 today, February 16th. I think its okay. On the other hand, "HEIDI KLUM" jewelry brand under Star Sparkles in the Starplaza is iffy to me. Like, why is it even there? . . It's barely used. The collection hasn't been updated since its been open. It has been for about 2 - 3 years. I think Stardoll needs to stop focusing on the new "rushed" stores and take time on this. Either you update it or demolish it.


Limited Edition Offer

So , some members have been lucky enough to get this offer in their starmail. It's for superstar's, it's quite a cheap price for LE of only $50 stardollar's. I have not recieved it so far; so we can't be sure who exactly this offer is for. (I have a superstar membership as of now.)

Only a couple of day's ago non superstar's recieved an offer for a dress, the bag I must say is nicer & cheaper ;)

I will be buying it if it come's to me!


There's some new Kohls items in the Starbazar, which I don't think we've seen Kohls brand clothes in the starplaza for a while now. But I think they came back pretty strong, considering I'm going to buy a few items from them this go around . . Tell me what you think of the new Kohls garments, and leave your stardoll username under this post if your wearing something from the new Kohls collection . .

new banner and miss-matrix

Hi, Finally got a new banner, and I think it looks pretty sweet, right?
Anyways I was on stardoll and I found some cute designs made by miss-matrix, and I thought her clothes were nice, especially on the dresses she picked to go with her fabulous hand made designs. You can tell she put a lot of work into her designs and it really shows. these dresses look pretty high fashion to me. And I think there worth the prices that she has them at!

I think these dresses are beautiful,
what do you think?

Judith Leiber on Stardoll

I love finding designer remakes on stardoll, so I found some of Judith Leiber's clutches on stardoll..

Rest In Peace, sweet McQueen . .

Every new day a Star is born; Rip McQueen

New Banner- Valentines Special.

"I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern — wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passé. It’s a new era in fashion — there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. " -Alexander McQueen

Like Dimitri has said before, McQueen has died. Saddy :(. But when one goes, another comes. Can the next Star become a new name in Fashion? Only time can tell. I just want to end this with saying, fashion is an industry that can eat you up and spit you out. Friends are fake. $$$ and problems is all this industry has for you. Its a shame that such talent had to go to waste.


R.I.P. McQueen!

If you have not yet heard Alexander McQueen has commited suicide today at age 40. This is so sad, and is devastating for the fashion world! He was known for is Avant-garde designs.



This was posted earlier today on McQueens website!
And Fashion week started today, so this makes it even worse! :(

Ellie shows the goods.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another medoll showing way to much skin! Not just any medoll, but Fakeshake3! She is not showing the usually skin; cleavage, but she showing her boobies :O. I know right,... a little too much? Some people may like it and some may not but I think it is kind of.... Uhmm, not appropriate! This outfit that she is showing off is the Inspired by Givenchy and the top and bottom are also inspired but Givenchy which I am a big fan of!

*Update* I just went on the Givenchy Offical web page and seen that the way Ellie is wear the dress is the way it was on the runway!

I Need To Effing Post More!

Hey Bitches! Am so sorry I like never post anymore! I just dont know what to post and school sucks ass! But my late New Years Resolution is to post at least once a week! Anyways, since Star Awards is over everyone and there mothers are trying to make a new Award Show. But only one of them has really become popular, THE FREAKSHOW AWARDS! It seems like a pretty sexy new award show. The catagories are all very clever, some examples are: Social Psycho, Media Mutant, and Fantasy Fringed. Are you going to vote? Are you even going to go to the award show?

Christopher Kane

Before I begin this post, I wanna say thanks to Mariah for her last post, I completely agree with everything she said, and it just slipped my mind to thank her in my last post, so yeah..

So on stardoll, there's this hotbuys shirt inspired by the great designer Christopher Kane, if you don't know who that is then here's a hint, you've probably seen the shirt dress with the alligator on it, or the shirt dress with the nuclear explosion, and if these hint aren't cutting it for you then you need to go get yourself "Fashion Educated" & fast! But here's the stardoll version vs. the CK version.. ( I know this isn't the exact shirt that stardoll tried to replicate, sorry )

Pretty in Pink

So this is a random post, because I've never noticed this but, I just bought some items from Pretty in Pink and I noticed the Pretty in Pink store has their own bag..

Diamond in the Ruff'


This blog Noisepop. Is in my opinion, awesome. In all aspects. Graphics are phenomenal, posts are always informational and the writers are all different in styles. This blog, is VERY well-rounded. So my question is, why is there not at least 100 people following the blog? I've been following this blog, way before I was a writer for it. Its not like other blogs, which in my eye, are the same. Not ALL blogs are the same, but a handful are. This blog has a Urban Chic feel to it. No one leaves comments, so how are we even supposed to know that you enjoy the blog? You guys keep this blog alive. So tell us what you'd like more of. Seriously. Message me on Stardoll, my nickname is I'll talk to Bambi about it. Thanks guys.



A moodi-wear sweater, rumored only to be for the uk stardoll, was found in the "most popular" tab of the starplaza. Which is very confusing because, there is no shop found for the "moodi-wear" clothing line for the American stardoll. If you want it, its nine stardollars and NON-superstar. I'd get it quick because stardoll at anytime, can erase this mistake.

I don't know if you noticed but this shirt must be designed by a stardoll member because it says "by Th2631".
Will the Americans be doing something like this or was ours the "teen of the decades?"


So I did this yesterday because obviously I was extremely bored waiting around for the grammys to come on. Which I greatly enjoyed. But the main point of this post is to show you my mouse skills with makeup on stardoll (through boredom of course). I just picked a random girl who had makeup and redid her medoll. Now she looks a little bit like a hip hop queen or something, idk.



Tell me what you think maybe?