Eternity Mag

If you haven't peeped out Eternity magazine in a minute, then you need to go check out the January issue, it's mad sexy.. (she looks naked, they could have put a thong on her but oh well.. Lol) I admire this magazine a lot, only because they really work hard to put out a magazine almost every month.. And their graphics are amazing!

Here's the sneek peak for the next issue..



Is on today, January 31, 2010. 8PM ET/PT. I will totally be posting pictures of the best fashions. So far, everyone I've seen has looked good. Tune in guys. Gaga and Elton John killed that performance in the beginning. That's my guuuurrrl Gaga. :)



Sooo, what's been up Stardoll // Noisepop readers?! I know I've been gone for a minute, well I know that I haven't been posting freequently lately.. but I'm pretty much back. And at the moment, I'm watching the Grammy's and typing this at the same time.. I see you guys have met our newest blog writer Mariah, isn't she effing cool, yeah I know! What else should I talk about, there's been A LOT of stardoll parties lately, If you have a party that's going to be occurring in the near / far future, shoot me a message, we'll be glad to post your party on our blog.. If you're not apart of the club, you should go join, Noisepop needs your help to find us some songs to put on the blog.. That's about it, so byeee` .

So this is something that made me laugh in 09` from stardoll .. I love Dimitri! (I'll probably post some other things I liked from 09` too.)

New Writer: Mariah. :)


Sup dudes? I’m a new writer to NoisePop, which I am EXCITED about. I’ve been peeping the blog for a minute now, so I’m glad to be blogging here. It’s a good look. A few things, I’ll say about me, not too much though. I’m Mariah.To.Cool on, add me. I’ve blogged at other places but, this by far, is the Best. I made my Banner, myself. Lastly, I’ll be posting a lot. Oh yeah and I love Nicki Minaj, google her if you don’t know her.


Birthday & Runway

i lost the banner i use for this blog before, so i have to use one from my own blog ;)

Anyway, on a better note, happy birthday to me :)
yes, it's my birthday today; 29th january; turning 13 ! Thank you for wishes.
i got amazing gifts, and hopefully a great sleepover tommorow night!
im just getting dressed now to go for a posh italian meal, nomnomnom!
so, that really didnt relate to stardoll, but happy birthday me anyway xD'

because stardoll is grey haired right now, there's nothing to post about...

DID YOU HEAR; RUNWAY, magazine is over! the spoiler is gorgy, i think they should of continued with the issue. ; because this cover is amazing! here it is:

It's a shame all the work is going to waste. At least we got to see the cover, ermm,..
let down. yes.
well, let's let Vasia do something else but make RUNWAY magazine :/

this came from Reira's, blog : "That's right, readers, the magazine that released in January 1, 2010, Runway Magazine, is now officially over withe confirmation of Vasia.
The reason: I'm sick of making magazines. Virtual magazines are pointless as much as I enjoy making graphics, I grew weary of magazines. I felt that I'm wasting my precious time looking at my computer screen than go out and play. I get NOTHING in the virtual world! And so... I declare my retirement from any magazine business.
Well, I'm going to release the Runway Magazine supposedly to be the Spring issue's cover. I made the cover so I have the right to release it ^^ The CG was Rachweee123 AKA Stephanie
By the way, if you are going to repost or anything, please credit this blog :D I'm the one who released it and so yeah~ respect my working, " she says on her blog. Just Reira,

so we will get to see the issue. yay.
I understand perfectly her point! i felt that way to a long ago.


I know I'm a little late on posting this but, if you haven't been playing the play & earn games you most defiantly should, because you get to keep a dollar. So bascally we have back our dollar a day system if you play the play & earn games every day. I recommended saving as much as possible because stardoll can pull a fast one at anytime. I can honestly say I was missing the dollar a day and now we got something similar like it back!
Stardoll staff must of got tired of getting mail from people asking about the dollar a day system!
I know Drea sent mail like that, atleast.

Superstar Hair!

Stardoll has recently put out new hair but, the hair is only for superstar. I am hoping that the hair is only superstar for somedays and then becomes non-superstar just like the new dressupdolls that stardoll puts out. If the hair is superstar forever I will highly be upset!
However these hairdos are cute and they deserve some props to stardoll!
I personally like the short bob-like hairstyle.


New hotbuys ad in the magazine came out at the beginning of this week. tell us which one you like and if this months hotbuys is a hit or miss! :] first hotbuy come out on February 4th 2010. Don't miss out.

BTW, I think this may be the first times in stardoll history that stardoll has ever used the same model two times in a row. You can tell its the same model from January because of the tattoo, makeup, hair color etc. do you think that they'll use this same model for March's hotbuys? If not, do you think that they'll continue to use different models twice in a row? so many question, not many answers. It's also kind of weird that they have her in the same color too. hmm?

(yeah...this post was pretty much random, I didn't really have that much to say but if you read this, thank you)


Hotbuy Shoes

These are the new hotbuy shoes, quite cheap of 6 stardollars, from the pretty store of pretty in pink.
i prefer the stardoll version to the reality version, but the real life is cool also...
Unfortunetly, just for superstar's, atm.

So, are you giving your money for theese darling heel's?

Disaster in Haiti!

Well, if you haven't heard Haiti has just been hit with a 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake! Its a horrible tragedy and me being 1/3 Haitian I was thinking about some of the family I have there and my dad who was there on business at the time, but Thank God they are all okay! And so many peoples houses are collapsing on them, which is the main reason most people have been dying. And I would like to thank everyone who has been asking me about my family! I just ask that you guys keep Haiti in your prayers and DONATE! I have donated about $100 by text!
Text Yele to 501 501 to donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Charity, or Text Haiti to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross Relife Efforts!

So just keep praying and Haiti will prevail!

New Writer

Hey guys! I`m Purplexperfect, a new writer here at Noisepop. Just thought I`d post telling you all 2 things:
1. I`m a new writer!
2. I`m going to be really busy this year. So, unfortunately, I`m probably not going to be posting much. But, I`ll post when I can!


Happy New Year

I got a new banner, for the new year-Made by the amazing Yasmeen Bader.
I want to be the first writer to say...

I hope 2010 is good to you, and better than 2oo9.

Any Resolutions?