Hey guys, now I'm well aware that I haven't been doing post lately, and trust me I'm working on it! The first 9 weeks of school is almost here, so I have to focus on keeping my grades up.. right now I'm not doing to bad.. So you may be wondering about the August issue of Noisepop, Some of you have messaged me on stardoll saying is Noisepop over? Are you ever going to publish the August issue? To answer all of these questions and more, the answers are No, Noisepop will never be over until me and kookie says it is, or until we find someone who doesn't mind keepingit going. Two, the August issue will eventually get published, haha, Idk when but it will. Next ummm.. Tell me what you think of the blog.. Is it too bright? I have a head ache so I can't tell if its too much or if its the cause but yeah.. give us your opinions.. Yep thats about it.. Peace

X0' Drea



Right, first thing's first. Yeah, I know I haven't posted in ages, miss me? Yeah, that's what I thought. Soon I'll be known as; 'The girl that never posts' and i really don't want that to happen. I'm gonna try posting as much as I can, although I'm starting to distance myself from Stardoll, it is really boring me now.

Back to topic, LUELLA BARTLEY!!
One of my personal favorite designers has finally been recognized on Stardoll.
One to tick of the list, now what about PPQ and Vivienne Westwood?


Miss Sixty

I have noticed lately that Stardoll has been coming out with some FABULOUS clothes! But they had to mess that up by coming out with this hideous Real Brand called "Miss Sixty". The only article of clothing I like here is the Maxi Dress and the Icon Print. Those shoes are disgusting and those tights are very childish.

Overall this is a FAIL!
What do you guys think of Miss Sixty?


Yay, we've made it to our 100th post, posted by our newbie Linh19. So if you haven't noticed Noisepop has been making post lately about recruiting new members to join our blog team, and so far we've got three newbies, and you'll be seeing a lot from them. We have been so busy with our real life that we haven't had time to finish the latest issue, we apologize. We basically have it finished but we just aren't done. So yep that's about it.. YAY!

My First Time And Betsey Johson Collection

Hi everyone!
This is my first time ever writing for noispopblog, and i am really excited. I hope that i can write as much as i can!.

Betsey Johson Collection On Stardoll

Enough about me. Stardoll has through the years also created some Pretty In Pink Betsey Johnson's clothes. I think they're cute as usual, what do you think about the clothes?.

Limited Edition AND Updates

Hey Everyone...I haven't posted in FOREVER, but trust me, I have a very good reason as to why. What other reason? School. As a matter of fact I think all of the blog writters are in to their education. Nothing wrong with that! :] How ever i decide to post today to share the SPOILERS of Limited Edition. LE always has very cute clothes in my opinion, but you can share right here in the comments how much you like them or how much you hate them. YOUR CHOICE!

UPDATE: Bambi and I are SO sorry that the Aug. issue has not come out yet. But trust and believe that the August issue will come out. School is very stressful at the moment and there is no time for a life outside of school. blah >:P.

- I'll try and keep you all posted. tell next time write you later, Kookie <3


Sorry for not posting in such a long time. I have been so busy with school and the usual not having anything worth posting about. Anyways when i logged into stardoll today i saw this advertisement called "Space Oddity". I clicked it and saw it was Micheal Jackson stuff! Shockingly stardoll put new things for guys... finally.

I personally love them all!(:
What do you think of the new clothes?


Remember I said I was going to start showing peoples suites who I thought were amazing? Huh? Well here's another one. I like it, its not overly extravagant like other suites with over a billion things in it. But it was simple, and practical. She made a loft kind of room. I've always said if I'd move to NY I'd live in a little apartment loft. I cant see myself living in a loft in Cali, or anywhere else for that matter. Lofts to me seem like they belong in NY. Plus lofts are way cooler in NY! So yeah.. Here it is :] Her name was Oppo.. I think, don't really remember.