KCA, Earth Hour, Stardoll!

So I'm kinda tired of stardoll right now, but its getting fcking addicting. Who watched Kids Choice Awards?! Not me, too busy hanging out with friends last night, I heard Miley Cyrus cried? FAKE A$% Just kidding, sometimes I like Miley. This is starting to turn into a rant, back on topic. So I also participated in earth hour last night, yep I care about my planet! DO YOU?! More about the noisepopblog, we're getting close to finding our blogger's! This is just pretty much a practice post, hope you enjoyed it?

Blog Application

So I guess you've come to this discussion because
you think you have what it takes to be a Noisepop
blogger huh? Well show us what you got by sending
us this application to either Bambi.. or Kookie-Monster

  1. How old are you?
  2. Have you written for a blog before?
  3. How often are you on Stardoll?
  4. What would you rate your grammar on a scale from 1-101 being the best?
  5. Last but not least write us a few sentences telling us why you love Noisepop, and why you should have this job!

Chop Chop home girl/home boy! Cause the clocks ticking