Okay, I thought this was too adorable! My little sister Lijza who's 5 said she wanted to dress up my medoll and I said yeah she could, and she told me she was going to make it coo-towers (that's how she says couture) and she came up with this..

Isn't it something?! Haha, I thought it was cute. L0l.
But for sure those shoes are hot!

Twilight Fever!!

So everyone knows the book series/movie TWILIGHT!! Well, I am hosting a competion. For the competition you will have to dress like one of the characters from the 1st movie. The person who does the best impression is the winner and will win your name as a topic in the official Twilight club on stardoll, a write me penguin,

Halloween party

On Aug. 15, 2009 there was a rockin party in amelia321 guestbook, people enjoyed themselfs by, dancing all over the dance floor with the most incredible moves,including the "moon walk"(Oh yeah!)
Let me remind you this was no ordinary party, this was a EARLY HALLOWEEN PARTY!
These are some of the people who showed up to the party to get there groove on! lmao!
cast your vote to the best dressed medoll at the early Halloween party! Today/Now/Vamos!

One of my favorites was mayrel, who dressed up as an elite, how genius!
cast your vote below!
Poll: Who dressed best?

Who dressed best?
promise rings

OMG! Alexander McQueen!

So looks like we've got some new designer threads, Alexander McQueen.

"Check Out That Suite!"

So, I want to start a new segment on the blog, it's going to be called "CHECK OUT THAT SUITE" I know it sounds corn-ey, But We'll be showing some suites that we really like, and I find myself amazed at how creative people are with their suites every time I get on stardoll, So this morning I got up and I went to this girls page Godiceto, and I looked at her suite, she had a bunch of amazing things in her suite, but this was what I found most creative in her suite..

She had an open oven! And I devoured that oven to figure out how she had done it, to find out it was only 3 simple things.. A laptop, Tea pots, and the Turkey.. It looked great to me, so She's todays Check Out That Suite.

Limited Edition Bags

So I get on stardoll today and I see I have a message from stardoll, so as usual I open it and see what it's about..
OMG! Limited Edition Bags
, so I scurry my way over to the starplaza to see that its only for superstars, but I dont care, I reviewed them anyways. So you know the deal, Heart mean's I love it, Check mark means I think its okay, and and X means I don't like it! So yep cher it iz!

Sept. Hot Buys

Tadaaaah! It's the September hotbuys, normally I'd put a heart next to what I love, and a check mark next to what I thought was okay, but this month I'm in love with everything. For some reason I think that everything looks better on stardoll, than in real life 90% of the time. Then the other 10% is stardoll not doing as good of as a job. And guess what else I spied?! We some how got an "extra" hot buy this month. I dont think I'd really count a Candies purse as a hot buy, but it is pretty cute. So yet that's the hotbuys.

August issue

August seems to be going by very fast! And we've been hard at work for our August issue!
this issue is more focused on back to school trends!

Covergirl: Stormo13

Are you ready for this issue?!

Early halloween party!

Schools almost here for me and Stardolls been nothing but boredom for me, so I think I will go to this early halloween party, hosted by Rockchicka and Amelia32.

all are invited to this early halloween party! on august 15th. I guess i could take pictures of the guest from this party and post them on the blog for all to vote the best dresser!

Don't forget!

Covergirl wanna-be's!

Hello, missed me?!
I've been gone to Alaska visiting my G-ma!
Sorry! :[
Since I'm back I've been getting lots of messages about others, wanting to be "COVERGIRL"
Nothings wrong with that, but we all have wishes and dreams, it's not like they'll all come true!
Any ways the day before I left to Alaska, bluegreen86 said she'd have a raffle if she became "covergirl" for who ever voted for her, back in July!


My respose to bluegreen86!


So, you know, I voted and everything, and I'm NOT trying to bash but, did anyone even win, or did she just give it to a close friend on stardoll? idk?

Now that I'm back it seems like everyone wants to be "Covergirl!"
and some are even coping the technique that bluegreen86 did to win "Covergirl" I don't about you but all of these seem like schemes to me! I don't beleive anything about these covergirl raffles and what not's!
this is what I call B.S.



Right, if this girl isn't a style icon, then I don't know who is.

This, is Florence Welch, better known as Florence from Florence and The Machine.

Isn't she gorgeous?! I mean, c'mon, look at that coat! <3

If any of you've never heard her, then you've been living under a rock and you need to hear her.

I recommend: 

Kiss With A Fist.

Rabbit Heart.

Dog Days Are Over.

You've Got The Love (cover).

Give em' a try on YouTube. 

Major love.



What's up? So school's getting ready to star back up.. EEEEWWWWW! And Kookie more than myself has been working on the August issue, before we start school mext week.. And next week is coming up like fast! But we have a great interview with our covergirl for this month Stormo13. So yeah be ready for this amazing issue coming sooner than you think, be expecting it to be out like saturday, sunday-ish?

I can only speak for myself when I say this, I don't think I'm going to be on stardoll that often this school year, its senior year, and I want to have fun! I wont be on stardoll that much, I'll try to keep updating the blog, I hope it's possible but if it isn't you have the other blog writers to keep you entertained.

Stardoll's been very boring anyways lately.. All I've been doing on it was accumilating stardollars.. I'm bored, gonna go skating with my beau. PEACEEE!

DanPuffs, A Girl? And More!

Am so sorry for not posting in ages everyone. I have been so busy and nothing juciy has happened on stardoll... until yesterday.
  • DanPuffs maybe a girl? Click Here!
  • There are new back to school clothes... which I actually like.
  • Tyler's Top Trends is over... again! How many times is Tyler (tylerisbold) going to end his blog?
What do you guy think of all this?

August HB's

Okay, so I know that this is long over due, but I've been way busy with preparing for school, yuck. But I'm so ecstatic that this is my last year, until I go off to college. But back to today's post, the August hot buys, I think they look great, anything with hearts on it means that I love it. So here we go..

  • first we've got a stripped cropped shirt from top shop totally adorable.
  • below that are the emilio pucci sunglasses that are major dazzeling
  • next to that are the adam silk suspender shorts cute in RL, but stardoll's is okay
  • below those are the purple miu miu knee high socks those are awesome!
  • to the left of that is the sass & bide sequin skirt lovely on stardoll and in RL.
  • next to that is the asos cupcake purse adorable!
  • and last but not least beneath that are the marc jacobs cut out heart flats, amazing!
I couldn't find the country looking cropped top but I do know its from topshop,
Drop a comment and let me know what you think, & if you're wearing the new released
sequin skirt and want to be in a who wore it best noisepop pole let me know in a
guestbook comment, that would be great.. thanks =]



Hi, it's been a while since I've posted so I decided to post today,
and talk about Kohls new lines with "Candies", "Abbey Dawn"
and "Mudd." I give these lines a 2.5/5 because it only had about
5 things I liked but, it gets the .5 because the items were NOT
superstar! The two purses shown in the pictures were my most
favorite in Kohls.