Antidote?! (RottenRevenge)

The Antidote starbazaar shop has shown a clue in possibly putting out a new line some time soon. Although these shoes are hideous they are NON-SUPERSTAR and possibly apart of the antidote limited sale (are you kidding me?!).

Shall we buy "it" because they are Antidote and NONSUPERSTAR, or save our money for the great stuff?

January 2010 Hotbuys!

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words...
Here's just Two ....
Good & Bad.

The january 2010 hotbuys are now out in the stardoll magazine.
personally loving the octo jewel and the heart splatter tee-shirt.
Personally not liking the wrap around thingy moboby- on top of the dress.

List of dates:

Hotbuys Wrap - 1st January
Hotbuys Silver Dress - 5th January
Hotbuys Bracelet - 7th January
Hotbuys Coat - 12th January
Hotbuys Shoes - 14th January
Hotbuys Tights - 21st January
Hotbuys Dress - 26th January
Hotbuys Cardigan - 28th January
Hotbuys Purse - 30th January
Hotbuys Top - 31st January


I decided to cancel the NPTM challenge because, it was in the wrong timing and I'm too busy.
I'm VERY sorry. Well try it again some other time.

thank you all for joining.

EliteNews...Who? What?

EliteNews... Whats that? Who's that? EliteNews is what I think to be funny! Her blog cracks me up and she has great jokes abouts who she calls "Stardoll Elite". Her recent post was based on great friends Chace(Nojarama) and Alice (Hunnigall) being parents of THEIR healthy baby girl, who was born Christmas morning. To view the blog and read more about the baby girl click here,
She's obvious that she no newbie.
Who do you think she is?

It here, The party of the Year.

Are you ready for the party of the year? Well it coming and it coming soon.. This maybe kind of
old news but anyway Tyler (Tylerisbold) host of the party, wants to go out of the year 2009 with a bang, and I'm guess it going to be a BIG BANG!
The theme of the party is Masquerade which means if you going to be there you better be wear a Mask! What's cool about the whole thing is that that Tyler co-writer of Stardolls Official Magazine will be posting Best Dress in the magazine for everyone can see!
To attend this party you will have to RSVP/ Reserve a spot on the guest list. I wonder if there be any party crashers? Does it matter? Like, he can stop people from enter an open party.
Are you attending?
Got your mask ready?
-Linda (Elite-girl)
*Notice I have no banner any good banner makers?Contact me!*

Question For the Day! (RottenRevenge)

Is it just me or do these two interiors remind you of the room that Lady gaga made her music video "Bad Romance" in?

Either way I like 'em!

A Dressing Question

In The Starplaza, there's this top and skirt.
The top and the skirt together make's a nice, dress..
What i dont get is that, why is the skirt part non superstar, and the top superstar?
What's going on there? so, that means non superstars, will just have half a top on there body.

This is clearly a way to make more money? (stardoll)
So that you can have the 2 seprate items, or have the dress to?
what i can't decide, is ... if it's the money or the help'ness' of having seprate part's.

(Sorry about the mixed up image)
Umm, the outfit (the whole dress) come's to 11.
So, reason 1 or reason 2?
glitch no glitch?
selfish, not selfish?

Noisepop Cribs (Christmas Special Addition)

Yeah, so this is Kind of like a parody. Zivyle and Limepolkadots suite are my favorite suites to look at so I made this post. Why? Because their suites are Gorgeous.

Don't forget to go to the Stardoll Calender for your 25sd! :O

Now I have to be honest I thought stardoll would only give us a little of no more than 10sd on christmas, stardoll really blew me away!


Hello, its me Alexandra!
I forgot my password and had to go through a lot of trouble just to remember it.
but anyways I'm back. And I just wanted to say happy holidays.
from me to you!

I think I watched this movie like 99.9 times already, and I love it!

To You From Noisepop.

Something Popping...

Theres Something Popping...
Yes' Make Some Noise For Nutters, The New Writer.
Ok, Maybe That's Over Reacting :?

I Always Loved NoisePop Magagine, Infact It's My Favourite Stardoll magazine.
bright colours, good grapics, the lot!

The Blog and it's writers are also a inspiration.
I hope i can keep you happy and reading :)
Kortni x

Boredome Kills!

Hey my Noisepopers, well I just wanted to show you guys my new banner that -Marco. aka by BFFL made for me! I think its gorgeous! I just really needed to post it! There have also been many stardoll partys lately, including: Star Awards, Fierce Magazine Release Party, and Tylers Collection Party! And I went to all of them! They where all pretty good! I think it is time Noisepop Have a Big SHINDING!
So is it time Noisepop have a big party? Would you go?





So new limited edition must have popped up while we were at school today, because I didn't see it yesterday when I logged on, my opinion, not as good as what the other limited editions have been, this mess looks rushed. There isn't too much I would but, especially for those whacked out prices, oh my goodness Stardoll.. Your cruel!

I've always wondered how come the boys don't get limited edition items? We do have a lot of boys on stardoll now too.


Yay stardoll you've come up with something useful. You guys remember way back when and even today when the elites and basically anyone would have guestbook parties? Well stardoll took notice and look what we have now..

I was just invited to one of these sweet shindigs and can't wait to experience the new and improved way to party on stardoll.


In other news I was on google and found this link its a quiz where you can see which stardoll elite you are, it must be old cause half of these use-to-be elites don't even come on anymore. Here's the link..


My favorite garment from the Volie Holiday collection has to be the Givenchy jacket, I've loved this jacket way before stardoll even got it. It's perfect!


The holidays are coming around, and stardoll brought some goodies to the starplaza. Love the designer goodies!

Miss Sixty

New Miss Sixty in the starbazar, I'm sorry but I'm still not impressed by this RB stuff, it still looks non authentic and I love authentic!


Wonder Girls

So, kookie came over my house tonight to work on a project we have and we logged into stardoll and we seen The Wonder Girls on the front page of stardoll! Now Kookie and I have put there songs on the blog before, actually more than once. We love KPop so we'll definately be at the chat!

Noisepop Top Model Competition

We asked people in our club (noisepopmag), what they wanted, and most of them suggested more competitions! Anything to keep the club alive. SO, Noisepop decided on a nice game/competion of Noisepop Top Model (NPTM). This game is based on a television show called "America's next top model",and I heard their was a Canada one, and an Australian one. I'm not sure about anywhere else, but thats what this game is based on. If you seen the show or heard about it, the challenge will be a little bit like that.

So here's how it works!
12 girls will be given the chance to become a model (on stardoll of course). The blog, which is the Noispeop blog will be keeping up with the 12 girls by sharing challenges and giving the information on those who are sent home! The winner will be cover girl of the special December issue and will be known for whoever reads the noisepop blog.

There will be 5 Challenges so this means that 2 people will be sent home for the first 4 challenges and 3 people for the final challenge!

This competition is not for you if you are of the following:
-Don't get on stardoll often

The Judges will be Drea, Kookie, and a "Guest Judge"
(the Guest Judge will be one of our noisepop bloggers, which will change every competition). But if they want, they too can be in the competion! Just know bloggers, you have to pick on or the other!

Sign up HERE!

SD Christmas

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but for the past few days I've been looking for the Christmas calender, and every time I clicked that stardoll Ad for the Christmas Calender I'd get sent to the starbazaar. But I've finally found it, and I have a concern.. I don't remember but didn't we use to get stuff off the calender for free in the previous years? If I'm wrong please do correct me, but I could have sworn we got stuff for free. And are we going to get our traditional 25 star dollars, or will we get a bogus load of 5sd? If you've had trouble finding it, here's the link

Free SS Shirt

Free shirt in starbazar.. Only for superstars.

Finally HERE!

About 3-2 months ago Drea and I started working on the August issue for noisepop magazine. we are now, in November and the magazine is finally out.

Sorry it took so long. We promised in a post a long time ago that, no matter what this issue will be out. So go check it out here:
Noisepop magazine

LE vs. Bisou

So the war has begun! Just kidding, Yesterday the Bisou version of the limited edition was 13sd for non superstars, today its not. But what if it would have stayed for non superstars.. Superstars would have been pissed that they could have got the stardoll knock-off for a much cheaper price. & hey a virtual knock-off is good any day, am I right? L0l

So in other news.. Kookie and I have just discussed we're going to just post up the august issue, even though its November.. And from now on we aren't putting months on our magazine, because we're just going to make them whenever we feel like it. Yep, that's it..


Okay so you guys remember how I made that post about what happened to the 1 sd a day thing? Well I wrote stardoll a "concerned" letter and this is what they sent back..

Look how poor I am :[.. L0l. (click to enlarge picture)
What a bunch of bull! Contest are you kidding me? I have a 1 in a billion chance to win that shit?! How are non superstars suppose to buy crap out of the starbazar if we only have 5sd that we have to spend that day when crap is costing 8 and 16 sd?! This doesn't make any sense at all and stardoll needs to revise this strategy of making us become superstars. I couldn't give a shit if I was superstar, especially since they don't give you monthly refills anymore, like remember how if you got superstar for 3 month, you'd get 100 one month, then 100 the next and so on and so forth.. Well being superstar isn't special they keep coming up with stupid things like this gift-o-meter? How am I suppose to use that when I DON'T HAVE MONEY! Idk, this is bull, it's not a good idea, and stardoll.. YOU SUCK!

New DKNY & Holiday Soirée

New 'DKNY' are finally here!! Something about the 1st collection outfits look like they where inspired by the 1940's. But I think there Gorgeous!! And there is this new thing stardoll is doing. It is basically just saying Buy alot of stuff at the Star Plaza and you will get 6 gifts. And the Gift-O-Meter tells you which gifts you have gotten or close to getting. The first 3 gifts they give you are Hedious and Nasty. But the last 3 gift that they give you are pretty RAD!! The 4th is a Dress, 5th is a Dress and Shoes and 6th is this Gorgeous Interior for your suite. So am going to be SHOPPING like CRAZY!!
What do you guys think of the new DKNY and the Holiday Soirée?


Hey babes, IDK if you guys have heard that Lady Gaga's new album 'THE FAME MONSTER' came out yesterday! Its Amazing! My Favorite song off her album is Monster. And she has got to be my favorite artist, as you can tell by my suite and presentation! And if you dont like Lady Gaga your a crazy BIOTCH! In other news, Perez Star Gossip Blog is back. I love that blog because Dan doesnt take himself so seriously like other Fame Whore blogs.
Do you guys loveee Lady Gaga's new album 'THE FAME MONSTER'?

Why hello there

Woah, hello computer!
I hope you guys'll believe me? I dropped my laptop charger in a bowl of cereal and it broke, so i had to wait for it to be fixed :/

ANYWAY, i've actually got nothing. other than the fact that Stardoll's well dry. I'm completely finished with it, it's so boring for people without yellow power. I don't know if I'm gonna be stabbed and hung for that, but I've moved on ( ;


Stardoll goes Lala

Well I know I haven't posted in a trillion years, but today I decided to post. So I Noticed stardoll has not been giving me any stardollars on the dollar a day thing. (Yes,I still get on, but its really fast). I've been stuck at the same amount of stardollars forever now. Is anyone else having this problem?!?
I also noticed new a Antidote clothing line, and alot of stardoll inspired clothing. Such as Dolce and Gabanna handbag and shoes. Love it! But yet a SD disappointment, one sad Hotbuys purse with BAD qaulity. Really?! Come on stardoll.
To end this, as far as I can see stardoll really has nothing going on. Its going to take a while for stardoll to come around again for me because I really don't see much happening, I mean no good drama, or real cheats just nada.

NEW Candies Collection

There is a new Kohl's Collection, which is absolutly cute!.

Love the new Candies Coat, looks like the coat of Twiggy that was for sale a long time ago but now also for non-superstars!. What do you think about the new collection?.

(Sorry for picture low-quality)

TheGossipDish is Star_Awards

Well for those of you who do not know these 2 stardoll girls, TheGossipDish is the owner of the popular blog and Star_Awards is considered one of stardolls "elites". Well, as i was on TheGossipDishes blog today i saw a post about Faskeshake3 blackmailing Star_Awards to become one of the managers of her club. And she put a picture of the managers of SAanniversary. But the odd thing is, that it showed the arrows and block buttons that you can only see when you own a club. And on TheGossipDishes presentation it even says she has another stardoll account. It may be weird for TheGossipDish to be talking about her other account Star_Awards but what isn't weird on stardoll. Picture on TheGossipDishes Blog!
TheGossipDishes Presentation!
Update! The fame whore Star_Awards gave her that picture and that is why you see the arrows and block buttons!
What do you guys think?