Nails Done Up . .

Yay, didn't we predict this a year ago, and we're just now getting it? I love it, and I'll be sure to use it . . Thanks Stardoll !

Stardolls Upgrade

Not too long ago stardoll upgraded its site, which for me will take some getting use to. Not to mention it took me forever to find the tiny log out button at the top right side of the page shaped like a power button you find on a remote control. lol. People can now see ALL your friends and you can no longer change the color of your page! Every thing looks so rounded off and shiny. If that's good in any way...Eh! tell me what you think...BUH-BYE

Antidote's NEW line!

The Antidote new collection has been out since July 6th filled with four pages of cute clothes. (btw some are still available so you can still purchase them.) Tell me what you think in a comment... BUH-BYE

July HB

top favorite:
Hotbuys striped bag
Hotbuys heart shades
Hotbuys stud skirt

Hot HB shoes


LUXE new makeup brand!

Stardolls new makeup brand LUXE just came out yesterday, and it is fab-u-lous. It's an arm and leg of 20 SD's (I think were use to this by now). However its pretty and worth it, just to have at least one makeup product by LUXE in your makeup collection.

Taavon Swagga Coach -Wha chu doin?..IDK

I know this was a while ago but if you seen the Mtv movie awards hosted by Aziz Ansari this was my most favorite part! :]
I think it's suppose to be a parody of the mtv show made.

Superstar Hair II

Hello, These are the new superstar hairdo's that stardolll has surprised us with.
There incredible except for the fact that they're superstar, but w/e.
I thought I'd post since nothings been happening on this blog lately. But if you were wondering what I've been up to it's SIMS 3.

Spring shades

I'm loving floral right now, especially these shades. :]
These shades are good for the spring as well!


So I decided to put a little blue in my hair today. ;D
Inspiration came easily from Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2010 collection and Ashley Olsen's hair.
(start spring with a little color in your hair!)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! :[