(RottenRevenge) April Hotbuys

Hi, its me, Alexandra, sorry I still don't have a banner, I've been lazy. So If you want to make me a banner, go for it my Stardoll name is RottenRevenge <---. Anyways this was posted on stardolls offical magazine earlier today for April Hotbuys and I thought I'd share it with you, so hear it is. What do you like?

(I think I like the shoes that the stardoll is wearing) :]

Burn Book?!

So we have a new "Burn Book"... supposedly. She attacks all the "Elites" and she is just very pitiful. Unfortunately I'm on the list...:( So is the whoree/ co-blogger Dimitri (Lovee you:D) and many more. If your on the list beware of the BITCH! Lol, It just quiet funny to me how people try to put people down via Internet. Lamee huh?
To honesty I'm quiet scared to see what this bitch is going to say about me.:L
Also... if you are on this list you are supposely "Fake" and she wants so "Furkk"(?) us.?!... She isn't "Furk"-ing me thats all I know!

Well she cool...-sarcastic undertone- What do you think of DKNY.Charm?
Is this a seek for fame?
Who knows?

Giles Deacon

So stardoll has added some pieces from the Giles Deacon Spring/Summer `10 Collection, they had a blue dress but for some reason I couldn't find it on stardoll, but I believe there was one more dress. They're so PRETTY! Wish I was superstar to get these! But I did get the cute dino bag! I think stardoll did a very good job with designing this, it doesn't look rushed and ugly like most garments have been looking lately. So it's spring break, I don't think I'm going out of town, so you should be getting many more post from me for a full week, I know unbelievable right. So yeah, the end.