Stardolls Upgrade

Not too long ago stardoll upgraded its site, which for me will take some getting use to. Not to mention it took me forever to find the tiny log out button at the top right side of the page shaped like a power button you find on a remote control. lol. People can now see ALL your friends and you can no longer change the color of your page! Every thing looks so rounded off and shiny. If that's good in any way...Eh! tell me what you think...BUH-BYE

Antidote's NEW line!

The Antidote new collection has been out since July 6th filled with four pages of cute clothes. (btw some are still available so you can still purchase them.) Tell me what you think in a comment... BUH-BYE

July HB

top favorite:
Hotbuys striped bag
Hotbuys heart shades
Hotbuys stud skirt

Hot HB shoes


LUXE new makeup brand!

Stardolls new makeup brand LUXE just came out yesterday, and it is fab-u-lous. It's an arm and leg of 20 SD's (I think were use to this by now). However its pretty and worth it, just to have at least one makeup product by LUXE in your makeup collection.

Taavon Swagga Coach -Wha chu doin?..IDK

I know this was a while ago but if you seen the Mtv movie awards hosted by Aziz Ansari this was my most favorite part! :]
I think it's suppose to be a parody of the mtv show made.

Superstar Hair II

Hello, These are the new superstar hairdo's that stardolll has surprised us with.
There incredible except for the fact that they're superstar, but w/e.
I thought I'd post since nothings been happening on this blog lately. But if you were wondering what I've been up to it's SIMS 3.

Spring shades

I'm loving floral right now, especially these shades. :]
These shades are good for the spring as well!


So I decided to put a little blue in my hair today. ;D
Inspiration came easily from Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2010 collection and Ashley Olsen's hair.
(start spring with a little color in your hair!)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! :[

Recycle the unwanted!

I'm sure you went to your suite and notice something a little different! There has been a new icon added at the bottom right hand corner which allows to recycle the unwanted like I did!

When you recycle you get payed one dollar a day, I believe. I also believe its for both superstar and non-superstar!

Linda Loves You!

What do you think?

Hey everyone! I've been messing around with photoshop lately and I've done alot of different looks with this one pose. Heres if one of them, this one is the nude one... I'm not showing the goods... but they are there.

I still haven't really got the hand of it, but hopely I'll keep messing around with everything and I'd get really good at it.

Anyone wants to be my next model... You won't be nude lol. Unless you want to.:L

What do you think?

Needs work huh?


Stiletto Cover Released

Staff of Stiletto Magazine has just released the cover of the next magazine which will soon be released. The cover was created by made by reira422 . The covergirl is blogger writer for Stardoll's Most Wanted, emorox4eva.
I kind of like the cover, not such a big fan...
What do you think of the cover?

Dioguardi S/S RTW 2010 Fashion Show

Hopely you didn't miss the Dioguardi S/S RTW 2010! It was great and there was barely any drama! I "took some pictures or some of the looks that came down the runway via stardoll i-phone". Lol, Well that fashion show was great as I said before, the collect totals in about 30 different outfits.

To view the rest of the collections click here

(RottenRevenge) April Hotbuys

Hi, its me, Alexandra, sorry I still don't have a banner, I've been lazy. So If you want to make me a banner, go for it my Stardoll name is RottenRevenge <---. Anyways this was posted on stardolls offical magazine earlier today for April Hotbuys and I thought I'd share it with you, so hear it is. What do you like?

(I think I like the shoes that the stardoll is wearing) :]

Burn Book?!

So we have a new "Burn Book"... supposedly. She attacks all the "Elites" and she is just very pitiful. Unfortunately I'm on the list...:( So is the whoree/ co-blogger Dimitri (Lovee you:D) and many more. If your on the list beware of the BITCH! Lol, It just quiet funny to me how people try to put people down via Internet. Lamee huh?
To honesty I'm quiet scared to see what this bitch is going to say about me.:L
Also... if you are on this list you are supposely "Fake" and she wants so "Furkk"(?) us.?!... She isn't "Furk"-ing me thats all I know!

Well she cool...-sarcastic undertone- What do you think of DKNY.Charm?
Is this a seek for fame?
Who knows?

Giles Deacon

So stardoll has added some pieces from the Giles Deacon Spring/Summer `10 Collection, they had a blue dress but for some reason I couldn't find it on stardoll, but I believe there was one more dress. They're so PRETTY! Wish I was superstar to get these! But I did get the cute dino bag! I think stardoll did a very good job with designing this, it doesn't look rushed and ugly like most garments have been looking lately. So it's spring break, I don't think I'm going out of town, so you should be getting many more post from me for a full week, I know unbelievable right. So yeah, the end.

March Hotbuy's.

These are the new hotbuy's for march. Nothing really standing out this month, but let's look at when they are all released...

Abbey Dawn Top - 15th February
Hotbuys Dress - 2nd March
Hotbuys Necklace - 4th March
Hotbuys Ruffle Top - 10th March
Hotbuys Blouse - 13th March
Hotbuys Tights - 15th March
Hotbuys Pink Sequin Dress - 18th March
Hotbuys Chain - 23rd March
Hotbuys Vest - 29th March
Hotbuys Shoes - 31st March

so there are the dates for each of them.
Im confused why they put the Abbey dawn top in there- it was out in february?
They did that a couple of month's back with a Candies bag.
Maybe it's because they haven't got a new item to put in, so there like
"ohh, we can just stuff in a old thing!"

Yeah, my favourite item's are the shoe's, dress , necklace & the tight's.
I like the blue fluffy boa like thing, but i don't think i will buy it because i have no fashion sense to make any wonderfull outfit with it.

So, what's you're thoughts on the march hotbuy's?
Any problems, or personal favourite's? share them in the comments :D
I like to read you're view.

Marc Jacobs dress

Hi, again. So I didn't realize this dress on stardoll until I remembered seeing it on Lady Gaga. I thought it was pretty cool to see Marc Jacobs dress on both, Gaga and stardoll, so I made this quick post. I must say stardoll did a very good job creating this dress because, it resembles Marc Jacobs dress very well.

I may be making a much longer post later on today, so be looking out! :]

Really?! =/

Are we really selling Futurama action figures on stardoll?! This is ridiculous, although I use to watch this show when I was bored, but still on STARDOLL?!

R.I.P 2 Blogging?


Rofl @ the last post. I agree 110 % percent. & I love the Banner, cause it quotes my baby Weezy. Sheesh, sidetracked. Back to what you're here for.

K, so. Blogging, in my opinion, is done, kaput, fineto, get it? Your probably thinking, "stfu". Eh no. It totally is. There's barerly any blogs left that post everyday like they used to. Take PerezStarGossip for example, they were pretty much the first it blog. Now they are . . bleh. Some of the posts are boring, nobody cares. Everyone, posts about the same thing. Just with Different words.

I.E: Blog#1 - The Exhausted dog jumps over the big rock.

Blog#2 - The tired dog leaps over the large rock

Mmm. Wheres the variety? . . The only thing that is probably good about blogs are the graphics. Don't get me wrong, there are nice blogs around still *Cough* Noisepop. I'm not saying it cant make a come back, but unless they're going to Pull a Britney Spears out, I'm sticking to my word.

Yep, thas all.


Fierce Spoiler

Yes... The Fierce Spoiler has came out! Whats do you think of it? I don't really get it....?(Are we supposed to??) It looks cool and I think what ever is delivered will look and be great!