Stardoll Is now allowing you to connect your stardoll account to twitter so you can twitter what your doing on stardoll. I dont think it is stupid but I am not going to do it. I personally dont see the point of doing this but maybe eventually i will do it, when more stardoll people do it.

[Click Image to Enlarge]
What do you guys think?


Lmao, This is kind of old news but I think it is hilarious. Some of you may find this rude because stardoll is supposed to be a kid friendly website but I think its hilarious.
[Click image to enlarge.]
Stardoll also has already deleted them so I dont know why they are still there.
What do you guys think?


Okay so today is a lazy, rant, kind of feeling today. I just felt like posting something the blog kind of looks dead.. So here we go! Kookie and I are looking for some more blog writers, if your intrested send a request, we are preferably looking for someone who would write about drama and gossip more than fashion because it seems like everyone is only talking about fashion on these stardoll blogs these days. Fashion boring! Unless I'm buying it, just kidding its alright to have a little fashion splashed every now and then. So here are the top movies I'm looking forward to seeing this summer!

1. Star Trek (my dad loved it)

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ( is gone be bomb)

3. Pixar’s Up (Kookie so wants to see this! I'm going with her!)

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince (Twilight's still better :P)

So there's this summers movies that I'm siked about! Here's the trailor for Transformers! :D

Hottest Outfit

Hey everyone am back for The Hottest Outfit of the day. Now the outfit that I choose for today is very different than the other outfits I had chosen before. This outfit is much more elegant and sophisticated. But it is still very hip. So here is her outfit...

What do you guys think of her outfit?

easy make: pixel owl burnout tee

easy make: pixel owl burnout tee

This is a tutorial, on how to make a pixel owl burnout tee, made out of rectangles (Tee-Shirt found in Delias for $26.50).

Step 1:
go to stardeisgn fashion and start out with an white, clear, square background

Step 2:
place a light brown 5 inch rectangle in the middle of your background. then placing 2 small 2 inch rectangles as ears on top of the 5 inch rectangle. for eyes, take 2 inch white rectangles and put on top of each other one vertical and the other horisontal. Take 1.5 inch black rectangles and place them the same, on top of the 2 inch white rectangles.

Step 3:
Next for the nose place a thick, orange, 1.6 inch rectangle in between the eyes of the owl, and put a thin, orange, 1.6 inch rectangle on top of the thick, orange, 1.6. It sould almost look like the letter "T". For feet take 3 of the 1.6 inch thin, orange rectangles and place them tight together, 3 on the left, and 3 on the right.

Step 4:
For effect change your white, clear, square background to black (don't worry only for a second). then place a tan color 2.1 inch lightening strike's around your owl in a pattern, kind of like the one in the picture. Then add a 2.1 inch, square on the middle of the owl for the belly, and on top of the square a 2.3 rectagle. for wings a 3.1 inch, dark brown, rectangle on both sides.

Step 5:
change your black, clear, square background back to white, then click on "Choose" pick the -4 stardollar tee-shirt, center the owl. Click on "sew", and now you have your pixel owl burnout tee.

-xoxo kookie

Hottest Outfit

Hey guys, am back again for the hottest outfit. Now this outfit is kind of the same style I showed you guys yesterday but it is obviously going to be a different person. I love all the funky colors on her outfit, especially the Hello Kitty Shirt. Now here is her outfit...

What do you guys think of her outfit?

2 Cute 2 Boot!

So I logged onto stardoll today and I noticed the cutest bag ever and I so want to buy it but I don't have enough money so I have to wait, but this bag is on my want list so yeah! That's all I wanted to tell you guys just a quick post..

Grunge Is Back!

I just want to say thank God for fashion! Has anyone but me been super siked that the 90's grunge look is so coming back, Kookie's last post "Mickey Mouse" was a great noisepop example of the 90's grunge look the black lipstic, rugged hair, and classic logo is all that and more! Here's some stardoll members who I think did the grunge look ahh-mazingly! (would have had more pictures but my computer started to go dumb on me! >:[ )


WTF!!! Sorry for my bad language but I am really pissed!! Stardoll deleted my club, I dont know why but stardoll is very stupid. It better just be a glitch because when i search up my club it shows up and when i click it it says "That Club Is Not Available". WTF is stardoll stupid or on crack or something. Lets just hope its a glitch.Did this happen to anyone else?

Hottest Outfit

Hey, Let me start by saying sorry i have'nt posted in a while I have been busy with school. I really want to start something different so i want to choose the hottest outfit of the day. And I am not going to use a "Elites" outfit am tired of them getting on all the blogs. I want to choose outfits of regular stardoll people. So here is my choice...

What do you think of her oufit?

New Dolls.

Heya dudes, I think I should apologize for being away from the blog for so long, some terrible-ness has happened to me lately, but I'm here, and I'm ready to post!
I think stardoll need some dolls that speak to other audiences,
rather than the typical teenage girl.

- Peaches Geldof (I hate the girl but she can dress well).
- Marilyn Monroe.
- Audrey Hepburn.
- Sid Vicious & Johnny Rotten (if they think they're sooo punk, please!!).
- Nancy Spungen.
- Alexa Chung.
- Daisy Lowe.
- An updated Lily Allen.
- La Roux.

And they should stop using clothes they've already used for a doll.



So I got bored, and decided to go check out some stardoll blogs, and their starting to get really good. The thing I hate though is when they all are talking about the same lame azz thing, excuse my language but really! If someone has already talked about something, don't write the same exact thing stupids! Dang! Like really your not a real blogger if your writing the same stuff as someone else, or if your writing about something no-one really cares about! And I'm pretty sure people are tired of reading about the same stardoll members aka the wanna be "Elites" and their petti azz drama. So I'm gonna try to find some genuine peoples ya'll can enjoy and want to get to know. I haven't found anyone yet, but I will and when I do you guys are going to love the shit out of them, just don't make them feel so loved that they become egotistic maniacs! Oh and I'm working on not cursing in my blog rants, so far only three curse words, sorry younger readers! I don't want you to get in trouble so forgive me! Summer issue, Kookie and I have not yet started but we're trying to think of some good ideas to incorporate into the newer improved magazine, so if you have any good ideas maybe you can leave me a message and you can become an official creative director for Noisepop! Plus Kookie and I really want to start throwing stardoll parties during the summer for those of you who need to kill time in your stardoll evenings. SO HIT ME UP WITH COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO BE APART OF OUR CREATIVE TEAM!

Xoxo, Drea!

Mickey Mouse

So today I got extremly talented and created this mickey mouse sweater. Anyone who knows me knows that I have the most mickey mouse sweaters in my closet!
No, mickey mouse is not my favorite character I just love the way mickey mouse looks on shirts! Is that so wrong? (Click the picture to enlarge.) I also made some really cool pants but I wont get into that. I became superstar today and will be working really hard to get this blog some popularity points! so tell your friends about this blog and even join to the club NoisepopMag. There will be some updates about noisepop summer magazine and the blog.

xoxo Kookie :D


This girl who i just meet called XshazamX has a Famazing doll she is so creative and unique, And i love her doll because she does not follow the latest and hottest trends and stuff she has her own unique style!!

What do you think of her doll?

Hr PuffnStuff

Thought I'd just post this blog about Hr puffnstuff because I thought it was very entertaining :]
and plus everyone was posting a blog!!!



What designers would we like to see Stardoll make clothes inspired by?

I personally would love to see Luella, PPQ, Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson &  Marc Jacobs. 

Et toi?

Boom Boom Pow!

Hey ladies and germs, I mean gents.. Sorry. x] Umm lets see what I have in store for you today. First sorry for not having a post lately, School is getting on my nerves all this crap is being thrown at me last minute, I have so many projects I have to do that I just cant keep up! Which brings me to our other blogger for Noisepop LisaLinguini, she cant be apart of the original blog like we hoped but she has a good reason, the evil of all evils school is keeping her from being able to write for us, so she's no longer apart of the blog team. Who knows Noisepop might be looking for you to come write for us. Lets see, The new stuff in the starplaza is complete crap! Its all prom stuff which prom was like 2 weeks ago for me, Me and kookie enjoyed it I might put up pictures once I upload them. The only thing I would get from the prom stuff would be Bisou see through dress, its to die for. What else can I talk about before I go watch hannah montana :] I'm trying to decide If I want to become superstar again, I just went through all the stores (which I never do) and seen all these amazing thing but they were all superstar! Is it wrong that I'm seventeen and have a stardoll?! I'll answer that myself, HECK NO ITS NOT! Another thing that might cut me short from writing blogs really frequently this summer is that my mom is making me get a J-O-B! Ewww! I don't like to work, but I like money! Ehhh that's all I have for you guys as of right now, If I find something amazing on stardoll or anywhere else I'll be sure to post it. Tata

Xoxo, Drea

(The stuff I want, it doesn't look like much, but it came up to like 200 and something stardollars)